Eco construction

Period Builders have years of experience of eco construction methods, including straw bale construction and green roofs.

We also offer a range of eco-building services including:

  • Microgeneration – wind turbines and solar panels,
  • Biomass boilers – connecting all your heating and hot water systems together, from log burners to gas boilers, solar panels to air conditioning units,
  • Rainwater harvesting

Straw Bale Construction

Straw bale is gaining in popularity as an eco-build material, although it’s been used for thousands of years.

Straw bale constructionIt offers the following advantages:

  • Energy efficiency and insulation: Straw is a fantastic insulator, which means straw bale houses cost less to heat, but also straw bale buildings result in far fewer emissions.
  • Sustainability: Because straw is a farming bi-product there’s plenty of it around, and it’s ready for use the same season it’s grown.
  • Sound insulation: Straw bale buildings are great for noise insulation, either to stop noise from outside getting in, or to prevent noise escaping the building.
  • Low Fire Risk – Straw bale buildings actually out perform conventional building materials in tests.
  • Structurally Sound – Straw Bales can support the weight of the roof, flooring and snow loading up to 2 storeys. A timber frame can be used for taller buildings.
  • Durability – When built correctly on a well drained plot a straw bale house could last for centuries.

We have many years of experience in straw bale projects in Britain and abroad, and our one stop service means we can handle everything you need for your straw bale building.

Green roofs

Green roofTimber Sustainable Homes can offer green roofs as part of your new home or fit them to an existing building.

There are different ways of constructing a living green roof –

An Extensive Green Roof is particularly low maintenance, generally planted with sedum and is designed to look after itself for most the year.

A Wild Flower Green Roof is an extensive Green Roof planted with a wild flower mix to provide colour throughout the summer months and a very natural habitat for local wildlife.

An Intensive Green Roof provides an accessible roof garden that can be used for recreational and leisure purposes and will require ongoing maintenance throughout the year.

A green roof is attractive and, when compared with modern methods, kind to the environment (and your pocket) in many ways:

  • Heat insulation, helping the building to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Noise
  • Holds rainwater and releases it slowly – especially important in flood-prone areas
  • Provides a natural habitat for birds and insects

We have many years of experience in green roof construction in Britain and abroad, and our one stop service means we can handle everything you need for your green roof.

Contact us or drop in at our office at Moreton Park Garden Centre near Chirk to find out more.